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The building at 51/52 Market Place, started off as a house from the Georgian era, nothing remarkable about that. The early Twentieth Century however, saw the opening of the Gaiety Picture House on this very site between 1911 and 1913 seating 600 people in the stalls and 100 in the small balcony. Shortly after it became a music hall right up until 1934, having been called the Playgoers Theatre from 1928.

So for those of an artistic persuasion, you’d be staying in a building of rich historical interest. Few images seem to survive of the time, but we’re busy trying to find archive images showing how things all used to be…

A Building With A Metal Gate
The building survived over many years for the likes of rehearsal space, storage, until becoming part of the indoor market site in the 1990s, which is housed right next door. A place to visit for fresh foods, drinks and somewhere itself having undergone recent renovation.

This building was actually opened as a backpack hostel in 2014: since being taken on and refurbished to what you see today as Hull Backpackers Hostel in 2017. Glenn and team want to provide an independent place to stay, rest, take a hot drink, relax, in the heart of Hull’s Historic Old Town – where so much regeneration is currently taking place. We welcome you to come and help make that happen… For further information visit: