Freedom Festival 2017

Freedom is very much anchored to the heartbeat of the city, but with a big global voice on issues that affect us all, both directly and otherwise. There’s a real undercurrent of revolution and resistance to what’s happening in the world at the moment, which we want to shout about.

But there’s also a huge amount of fun and playfulness – we don’t want to lose that sense that you never know what’s quite around the corner! It'll be a carnival to be enjoyed and remembered by all. Something to make you smile, gasp, laugh, think - and happy to be in such a beautiful city where culture dances on bridges, squares and quaysides, in parks, yards and streets

In this wonderful year of culture, Freedom Festival is proud to celebrate its tenth anniversary as Hull's annual cultural highlight. There's nothing quite like it anywhere in the way it links history and the creative present.


Check out some of the highlights of the acts heading to Hull for Freedom 2017

Compagnie Off present Les Girafes
A large-scale fun filled spectacle for all the family to enjoy as it weaves its way through the centre of Hull and to celebrate this year’s 10th anniversary of the Freedom Festival, don’t miss this!!
The Baina Trampa Fritz Fallen
This show is at times indescribable, always on the verge of surreal madness presented as an absurd ballet, juggling and dancing with the corn in a seemingly drunken endless choreography.
Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s visionary novel Fahrenheit 451, this incendiary outdoor performance recounts the story of a society in which books are banned and firemen are employed to burn them.
DJ Frietmachine is the most swinging potato-installation that exists. He observes, weighs, measures and examines if you are truly grounded with your potato. If that is the case, then he will play you a greasy tune, meanwhile you fry your potato.
Throughout the year a city wide growing project is taking place across established and newly created allotments, farms and gardens to grow an abundance of vegetables to be harvested in time for this event.
Luke Wright
Luke Wright delivers a multi award winning hurricane of a performance. With humour and humanity he takes British politics of years recently passed head on
The Dandy Lion Project explores global expressions of the Black Dandy phenomenon against the backdrop of contemporary life. The exhibition presents more than 150 images and is curated by Shantrelle P Lewis.
The Market
Based on a true story, The Suitcase, has been nominated in the New Director category in the Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards for The Rosalie van der Gucht Prize.
GRRRL is a collective of rebellious, independent, underground, revolutionary women who are promoting peace, fighting injustice and creating change through their music. under the musical direction of Brazil’s Laima Leyton.
Haircuts by Children
A beautiful powerful and whimsical performance which engages with enfranchisement of children, trust in the younger generation, and the thrills and chills of vanity.
South Paw
RUSH is a critically-acclaimed, large-scale, mass movement dance spectacular, featuring a cast of up to 100 members of the Hull community assembled by award winning choreographer Robby Graham
Ragroof players
Ragroof’s Bridges y Puentes is a vibrant and accessible show about migration and the search for home. It is a promenade performance, with an international cast of actor/dancers, that evolves from the space around you and then disappears as if into thin air.

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