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Lord Mayor's Hanse Day

Hull's International Hanse Day

After 3 successful years, Hanse Day is back on Saturday 8th June 2019 and this year it is going to be even bigger and better! Newly rebranded as Lord Mayor's Hanse Day we will be celebrating our connections with the Northern European Hanseatic League both past and present but with a twist...

Did you know that Hull's first Mayor was granted in 1332 just as the Hanseatic League was at its most active? 2019 will see us celebrate this connection and the newly appointed Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull with an event spanning the city centre.

Immerse yourself in medieval Hull and learn about crafts and trade in Trinity Square. Try your hand at wattle and daub, gaze in wonder at our fire breathing jester or sit and enjoy a tale of old.

Wander Whitefriargate and experience pop up performances and children's craft activities.

Spend time in Queen Victoria Square where you'll find our stage filled with performances of song, dance and spoken word and learn more about our Northern European neighbours. There will also be craft activities so you can make something to wear as part of our Parade!

That's right! We will be celebrating our newly appointed Lord Mayor and our city's trading history with a colourful parade through the city centre. Join us or line the streets and watch us, but come and enjoy the day.

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Trinity Square - will be transformed into a medieval marketplace outside Hull’s own medieval Minster.

Peterkin the Fool

Stilt walking, fire breathing, serious silliness from Peterkin The Fool.

Medieval Jousting

Lord Mayors Hanse Day
Accept the challenge, take to your trusty steed (a hobbyhorse), collect the hoops and hit the quintain.

Pole-lathe Turner

Lord Mayors Hanse Day
Watch our professional pole-lathe turner make furniture of the period using a man-powered pole-lathe.

Medieval Minstrels

hanse day

De Mowbray Musicke will be roaming Trinity Square and Whitefriargate, entertaining and educating about Medieval music.

Wattle and Daub

Lord Mayor's Hanse Day
You can try placing wattle and daub on wooden frames and discover what it would have been like to have live in a 'mud house'.

Medieval Confectioner

Lord Mayor's Hanse Day
Learn more about confectionary in this demonstration of Medieval sweet making. Hand-painted sweets made using authentic methods of cooking.


International Hanse Day
Go and see the Potter at work creating clay masterpieces. A messy job but someone's got to do it! 

Medieval Musical Workshop

Lord Mayor's Hanse Day
Children can join in our period music workshops and play a number of instruments under the guidance of our master musician.


Supported by Hull Libraries, our popular storyteller will return to regale us with tales of old.

Queen Victoria Square - our stage will host a celebration of Hull’s maritime and trading history both past and present.

Short Play - William de la Pole

Lord Mayor's Hanse Day
Have you ever wondered how William de la Pole felt the day he was made the first Mayor of Hull?

The Grinnigogs

Hanse day
The Grinnigogs will be returning to entertain with their hurdy gurdy and dulcimer.

Ukulele Band

Lord Mayors Hanse Day
The uplifting sound of a Ukulele band will ring across the Square.

Lithuanian Dancing

Lord Mayor's Hanse Day
Enjoy traditional Lithuanian dance and costume.


Lord Mayors hanse day
COOLture (a Creative Voice event) will be celebrating young people’s cultural performances on our stage as well as musical workshops and craft activities.

Craft activities

Hanse Day
You will find a variety of children's craft activities across all areas of our event. Make something, bring it to the parade and take it home to remember what a great day you had!

Face painting

Lord Mayor's Hanse Day
Free face painting will be available - will you have a Hanseatic flag, a sea creature or something else?

Lord Mayor's Parade

Lord Mayors Hanse Day
The official Lord Mayor’s Parade will leave Queen Victoria Square at 12.30pm, heading down Whitefriargate, Trinity House Lane to Trinity Square.


Beverley Garland Dancers

hanse day
The Beverley Garland Dancers will be adding floral colour to our event once again.

The Gold Man

Lord Mayor's Hanse Day
Hull's very own Gold Man will be statue-still on Whitefriargate. Always a good photo op!

Yorkshire's Maritime City

hanse day
Maritime themed craft activities and roaming characters will be found on Whitefriargate.

Roaming Street Theatre

Lord Mayor's Hanse Day
A variety of roaming and costumed characters will be found throughout the event. 

Market - Trinity House Lane

Lord Mayor's Hanse Day
Make time to browse our popular market stalls and pick up some original craft.

Trinity Market

hanse day
Trinity Market will be hosting an Indie Market in addition to the fantastic permanent traders.

Hanseatic History

In the mid-13th century, seafaring merchants from across Northern Europe joined together to form the Hanseatic League as a way to pursue their shared economic interests. Throughout the North Sea and Baltic Sea region, up to 200 towns and cities were members of the League. Hull was one of several associated trading cities in the UK, exporting such items as wool, cloth and salt. Some days up to a dozen ships arrived into Hull with imported timber, canvas, furs, iron, flax and pitch. For over 400 years the League played a major role in shaping economies, trade and politics before losing its significance in the mid-17th century. Hull's Old Town still retains its medieval street footprint (one of only 2 in Yorkshire). In 2012 Hull joined the new Hanse - a partnership of over 180 towns and cities across Northern Europe which were part of the original Hanseatic League.