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Working at VHEY? Our German work experience tells all!

Hello guys,

My name is Kim, I’m 18 years old and I come from Germany. To be precise I come from the city of Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia. By the way, Hamm is close to Dortmund and Cologne. For the football fans among you, you may know the football team FC Cologne or BVB Borussia Dortmund from Germany.

In this Blog entry I would like to tell you a little about myself and my story, how it came about to travel to Hull and how my time in Hull is going so far. My story, how I came to this wonderful idea to do a foreign work placement in Hull is a little complicated but I think you may follow me.
First of all you must know that I was very lucky to get a foreign work placement in England.

In my school it is required to do a work placement in the 11th grade. I have also looked quite fast after it to get a good work placement in Germany. I have written so many applications but after a while, I was so frustrated because of the many refusals that I’ve received. So I decided to end the search for a work placement. I thought it was the best because in my opinion it was too late to look further for a work placement and the deadline that my teacher gave us to find a work placement would end soon and I gave up. It was so incriminating for me that I haven’t a work placement.

Meredith from the VHEY team said: Meredith


It was great to have Kim as an enthusiastic member of the team for the week. She showed herself to have a keen eye for detail when writing her blog and clearly enjoyed her time spent in our city. We wish her a lot of luck for the future.

But this isn’t a sad story!

On the 20th of June 2017 my teacher asked my class who of us haven’t a work placement yet. Today was also the day where normally the deadline ends. I was embarrassed to put my hand up because I was the only girl in class that hasn’t got a work placement and a couple of boys haven’t got a work placement too and now I must show my teacher and the whole class that I haven’t got a work placement. On the other hand I thought, the only good thing is I wasn’t the only one. My teacher saw my raised hand and said to me, Kim I have a work placement for you in England.

Fun fact for you guys: the boys in my class that haven’t got a work placement couldn’t get this work placement because another girl had this work placement before me and the chance to travel to England but she fell ill and couldn’t travel with her class and it could take only a girl with them to England, so my teacher gave me the opportunity to travel with another class to England.

This was my big opportunity!


I didn’t think I would get a work placement at all but now I have the chance to travel to England and to do a really good work placement in another country. It was always my big dream to travel the world and to have a work placement in another country where I’m by myself and where I can get some good experiences and meet new people. I was so excited that I completely forgot how much the trip to England would cost or what my parents would say about my spontaneous idea to live for three weeks in England. But in the end I agreed to travel to England and to do my work placement there. At that point in time I didn’t know that I would live for three weeks in Hull or where I will do my work placements but I was relieved to have a work placement and the best thing is, it’s in England! At the same day, my other teacher gave me the last important details about the trip, where I would live for three weeks and what my work placements include.
It goes to Kingston Upon Hull!

I always wanted to do a foreign work placement and I really appreciate the opportunity that my teacher gave me.
Four days later, I have left behind my friends and my family for three weeks in Germany and my adventure started!

My eight classmates and I drove to England. From our school we drove with a minibus to Rotterdam and from there with a ferry to Hull. On the 25th of June 2017, we arrived in the harbour of Hull. Then afterwards we were divided to our host families. Two of my school-friends were sent to her host family in Beverley. Three of my friends and I stay in Hull with another host family. My host family is very lovely and they have a very pretty house where I live. I was absolutely impressed.

My work placements!

On the 26th of June 2017, my first work placement began at the Hull Youth Justice Service. I loved it! It was very interesting to see how differently the people in England are working in contrast to the German ones. I really enjoyed the work there because the people showed me a lot of new things and they were all very lovely to me. Some days I did some paperwork and other days my colleagues took me to meetings. It was very fun and I could collect some nice experiences.

In my third week I’m at Visit Hull & East Yorkshire. I’m really glad to be here because the VHEY team gave me the opportunity to visit some nice places in Hull like the Deep or the many museums. They also gave me the chance to write this Blog. I think it’s very cool! The VHEY team is also very lovely and I really appreciate that I could be here and that I learnt some new things about Hull.

My favourite places here in Hull! If you like to know something about Hull, you definitely should visit the Museums Quarter! There are very interesting museums you can visit and you can learn something about the history of Hull. I liked it a lot! The Wilberforce House has very nice paintings and it is the birthplace of William Wilberforce, the British politician, abolitionist and social reformer. When you want to know some more about William Wilberforce then go and visit the fantastic Wilberforce House.
Kims pictures of Hull
The Streetlife Museum of Transport is a transport museum and it is such a nice place. It’s my second favourite place in Hull. You can get on trains and see how the old train’s looked in the past. It’s amazing and very interesting! The Deep is my next favourite place. It’s absolutely incredible how big it is and how much water in one tank fits. There are so many fishes and there are all so colourful! The Deep is a huge aquarium with over 3000 creatures. There are sharks and sawfishes too. It was very relaxing to walk around the aquariums and have a look to these beautiful decorated aquariums. If you’re now interested you should visit the Deep. You will not regret it!
Kims pictures of Hull

What I absolutely liked about Hull!

I absolutely love about Hull the museums and the buildings! I love the architecture from the Wilberforce House and from the Maritime Museum and I like it how the streets have been structured. I also noticed that Hull have a town animal, the moth. I like it so much because I could identify myself in this city. It reminded me in my town because in my town the town animal is a little elephant and you can find many little elephants around the city like here in Hull the moth. I think Hull is wonderful city and the people that I’ve met were very lovely to me and I had a really great time here in Hull!

I appreciate every work placement where I was and I want to say special thanks to the people at the Hull Youth Justice Service and to the VHEY team. I’m really glad that I could be with you and it was nice to meeting you all. I’m really proud of myself and I’m thankful that I made this experience here in Hull and not anywhere else!