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A Big Journey

Hello guys,

My name is Jasmin and I’m from Germany. I want to give you some insights about my time in Hull, what I liked and disliked about it and why I travelled here. I hope that I can inspire you with my experiences I’ve made here.

I never was the big traveller who wanted to travel around the world because I like my hometown so much. There are my friends and my family and I love them. I really don’t like to be on my own. But last summer, I went to a totally new school with totally new people and subjects. I was excited to get to know everything. I found a lot of very good, new friends. From the beginning of the 11th grade I’ve known that the focus of my class is on languages and travelling around to learn different languages like our three – weeks work placement in different countries. Every student had to choose a European country and make a work placement there.

I choose England because I like the language and the weather – Yes, I love the windy and cloudy weather. I wanted to know how the people are, if they are similar than in Germany and I was always very interested in other cultures and interests of people from other countries.

Time flew by and the day I was going to England came closer every day. In this time I don’t know what I was feeling and what I was thinking. My tutor told me and my friends the last information about our journey and our work placements. A few weeks before we had to choose between Beverley and Hull, both cities of the East Riding of Yorkshire in England. Everybody had to send their CV’s to Hull City Council to inform the placements.

Meredith from the VHEY team said:



It was a pleasure to welcome Jasmin to the team for the week. She has a tremendous work ethic and achieved a lot in her time with us. We hope she gained something from her experience and wish her luck for the future.

Jasmin Blog

~ The journey was exciting ~

Then the day was there. It was the 24th of June and I was sitting between all my luggage and stuff. I was scared but the excitement was overwhelming me. My parents drove me to school and my sister came with us to say goodbye to me. My tutor told me a few days before that we will drive with a minibus to Rotterdam around 13 o’clock. So I said goodbye to my family and the journey began. From Rotterdam our Ferry brought us to Hull were we arrived around 8 o’ clock. Another minibus was waiting at the harbour for us - it drove us to our accommodations.
I’m accommodated in a friendly host family with three other friends of me. The house is a typically English house and I like it. When we arrived at our host family our host father leads us in. His wife wasn’t at home at that moment. We went to the living room and he told us some rules of the house, after that he showed us our rooms. I had a cute blue room which I shared with another girl, a friend of me.

~ So much to see ~

Our host mother wanted to drive us with her car to the city. It was very unaccustomed that the wheel in the car was on the other side - so on right because in Germany it’s on the left. During our ride to town I don’t know at what I should look because there was so much new to see and I was very excited – as always. We had a very beautiful time in town and I love the old buildings and streets. There is so much history in it. And what I like the most are the old cobblestones because they remembering me of my hometown.

~ The work placements ~

In my first week I was at Green Port Hub, Hull. I liked the work there because the people there showed me a lot of things and they were very friendly. They took me to meetings and I have learned a lot about teamwork. On my last day there, I and two colleagues of me went to eat something in a restaurant.

Jasmin Blog

In my second week I’m at Visit Hull & East Yorkshire. I have a lot of cool tasks and it’s very fun. The people are very kind and they often look that I’ve things to do. It’s also the VHEY team which facilitates me writing this blog. I think that’s a very good idea. They also gave me the chance to visit The Deep – and I can say that it is so beautiful there. You should visit it!

In my last week I will be at the Albert Avenue Pools. I’m very excited how it will be. I know that there is a rescue swim training in this week, so let’s see.

~ Things you should visit! ~
I want to present you a lot of things and sights you should see if you are in Hull. I’m still very impressed of the town and the whole old city stuff. I’ve never heard of this city before but now I’m very glad that I’ve the chance to be here!
On our second day in Hull we had a guided tour through the whole old town and the Hull Marina. I liked to see the water and the big ships there. It was windy and I liked that feeling. After visiting the Marina we went to the Old Town of Hull. That old buildings standing there inspired me – so much history in it! The fountains in front of the City Hall are also very worth seeing. I liked the new exhibition of Skin in the Ferens Art Gallery.

Jasmins Pictures
During our guided tour we have visited the Hull Minster and we have seen the water plates were working for the first time. It’s very beautiful because you can see the Minster mirroring in the water of the plates.
I hope that I’ve made you curious to see this city and all those beautiful buildings and sights which are in it. There are definitely more things and attractions to see in Hull but the ones I mentioned are my favourites.

And in the end I would like to say special thanks to the VHEY team. They gave me the chance to visit a lot of different museums and to get to know the city and its connection to history much better than before. I really liked to be with you and I’m glad that I can take things from Hull for my future. Thank you for this week!