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International Hanse Day

Hull's International Hanse Day: Coming soon in 2017

The pilot event of Hull's International Hanse Day in 2016 was a huge success, attracting over 12,000 people. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and smells of a medieval marketplace as High Street in Hull Old Town was taken back in time. Residents of our medieval marketplace were attending to their daily chores such as the Ship Master, the Pauper and the Merchant and his wife. Visitors could also try the hand at medieval crafts as they browsed our market stalls - pottery, wattle and daub and medieval minting where popular. Children could follow our trail of rats to learn more about Hull's trading history - how many rats did you tick off? And who could forget our fantastic fire breathing jester? Our Museums Quarter garden was where we celebrated the cultural traditions from Hanse towns and cities from across Northern Europe. Dance, song, children's craft, story telling and food tasting were there to be enjoyed. We hope to see you in 2017!
Hanseatic Map

Hanseatic History

In the mid-13th century, seafaring merchants from across Northern Europe joined together to form the Hanseatic League as a way to pursue their shared economic interests. Throughout the North Sea and Baltic Sea region, up to 200 towns and cities were members of the League. Hull was one of several associated trading cities in the UK, exporting such items as wool, cloth and salt. Some days up to a dozen ships arrived into Hull with imported timber, canvas, furs, iron, flax and pitch. For over 400 years the League played a major role in shaping economies, trade and politics before losing its significance in the mid-17th century. Hull's Old Town still retains its medieval street footprint (one of only 2 in Yorkshire). In 2012 Hull joined the new Hanse - a partnership of over 180 towns and cities across Northern Europe which were part of the original Hanseatic League.
International Hanse Day
There's so many craft activities on the day, this will give you some practice -print off our jester for some colouring fun!
Take a look at a selection of images from Hull's International Hanse Day 2016.